Coca Cola Jigri Campaign

The biggest campaign of  Summer 2019 was the introduction of the newest member of the Coca Cola family here in Nepal: Coca Cola Jigri. The Coca Cola Jigri campaign sought to bring in not only an unprecedented number of influencers but also a media activation plan for the launch of the Jigri that would create the big buzz not only on your screens but around you as well.  

Jigri in itself means a close friend, bosom buddy and this pre cursor had all these celebrities looking for their Jigri. The eventual launch saw a media 360 through all media outlets from Television, Newspaper to Outdoor Hoardings across the country. With social media impressions of over a 1 Million Views, hoardings set across all major points of interaction around Nepal, we were able to carve a successful campaign that is still going to this day

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