Bhanchhin Aama Campaign

Part of the 5 Year project funded by USAID, Bhanchhin Aama Phase-I, Phase-II and Phase-III were radio programs launched by Maxmedia on November 30, 2013, July 12, 2014 and August 1, 2015 respectively. The problem of addressing the nutritional status of women and children could be properly undertaken using the radio platform as it was the most reaching media in the farther regions of Nepal. The motive of these radio programs was to meet the overall goals of the National Maternal Newborn Child Health Communication Strategy 2011-2016, developed under the leadership of the National Health Education Information and Communication Center (NHEICC). Along with radio programs, radio spots and billboards were also created to maintain stay and educate the masses that were suffering from malnutrition at times without even realising it. The program was a huge success as the goal was more than met and the 5 year project deemed a success.  

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