Sujal Foods


1. What is the current status of Nepalese industry?

  • Bad to worse.
  • Industry is really going down due to economic and political situation of the country.
  • Trading is mushrooming like anything. Companies are not investing in current industry.


2. What is the reason behind Sujal Foods being an established brand in Nepal for more than decade?

  • Thrust on Entrepreneurship.
  • Product innovation.
  • Strong Distribution Channel.
  • Thrust on Brand Building.
  • Professional & Motivated Human Resource.
  • Business Model that is very pragmatic to our culture & Business Environment.


3. What are the market challenges you have faced till now?

  • Superior product from multinational companies.
  • Low level skill & Motivation of Human Recourses.
  • Terrible Political & Economic Environment.


4. What are your views about current media scenario in Nepal?

  • No media budget is enough for number of media in Nepal. I guess number of media has transcended number of real industries and trading houses.
  • Media Rates has gone up but Buying/Investing capacity of a company has not increased in the same rate.
  • Load shedding issue is well not managed by the media. We have only one season for product launch and promotion that is summer when load shedding is minimum.
  • Too many National TV, FM, National Dailies. No differentiation in terms of Product content and image.
  • Product innovation is very less.
  • Monopolistic market dominated Market leader.


5. Are you satisfied from the returns you are getting from investment in media?

  • I can’t lie. yes we are satisfied with the returns considering the current media environment but we don’t want to be satisfied only. As of now we are reluctantly satisfied.
  • We need product ranges from the media. Like NTV or special Channel. What we have here is news channels. Where is Channel like MTV, ESPN, we only have BBC’s.
  • I don’t know in few years from now on people might see Advertisements and switch channels while program starts. Only new thing and entertaining in a TV program is Advertisement rest are all informative or news.


6. What are your thoughts media services provided by Max Media?

  • In current Environment of Media Services, Max media has definitely differentiated it self as media focused agency. That is very good reason to choose Max Media from other agency.
  • They have young and enthusiastic team with lot of energy which is another good point.
  • In terms of technicality now its high time to improve again to reach to the next plateau by offering clients with ample of information regarding reach, frequency, SOV, Media Weight
  • and other different equations so that client can make right decision.

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