Media Releases

We provide media release service in following media segments:

A.ATL Media


  • National dailies and magazines
  • Regional newspapers across the country


  • National radio stations
  • Regional radio stations


  • National TV channels
  • Cable channels and cable networks

B.Outdoor media

  • Hoardings, billboards, SMTs, banners, posters, etc.

C.BTL Media

  • Cinema theatres advertisement
  • SMT/LED TV(In major stores)
  • POPs ( Streamers, buntings, danglers, shelf decorations, etc.)
  • Leaflet stands/venue branding in majors locations
  • Product placement arrangement for good visibility in departmental stores
  • Events

D.Internet Media

  • National web portals
  • International web portals
  • Social networking sites

Why Maxmedia?

Maxmedia is one –stop solution for all media related services. We provide integrated package of  media services which are designed to meet your objective. Currently, we are only agency to provide services at international standard  > More