Max Media is successfully handling the media planning and media placement activities of some of the largest advertisers of Nepal.

Maxmedia is complete media service provider established with a mission to provide cutting edge media related services to enhance values to clients regarding media exposure. Established as an independent media management company in 2009, we provide services which are designed to meet your growing demands for professional and efficient management of all media related services, we intend to make things easier for advertisers in Nepal. We have introduced a new approach in the Nepalese media industry by making its services available via a wide range of plans. We provide services and solutions in such a way that we operate like your in-house media partner – be it from the corporate, non profits organization or from the advertising agency sector.

This new initiative is in line with our policy to be the 'in-house media department' of clients who wish to make effective use of any communication media. By saying this, what we offer is a combination of effective media presence minus the hassle of doing all the related work yourself. From public relations, media relationship and strategy across all mediums, we also help to measure the effectiveness of media placement across all mediums with our well organized system of monitoring all media across Nepal. This itself is an innovative step in the media services industry and our move has been appreciated by many in the industry.

With eight years of prior experience in comprehensive media management as the media arm of the parent company, our services range from fundamental media services such as media planning, buying and release, to effectively implementing parallel and allied services like media PR, media monitoring and reporting, research and BTL media management. 

Making remarkable strides in securing substantial business turnovers with the media houses in all three segments, radio, print and television has helped us to gain the trust and recognition of prominent media houses. Within a short period of time since our inception as an independent company, we have become the leading media service provider with the widest range of media network in Nepal and have built trust and partnerships with all national and regional media houses. We have also been able to be competitive among all other media agencies in Nepal and secure large, sought after contracts with International Non-Government Institutions and other high value, high performance organizations.

Why Maxmedia?

Maxmedia is one –stop solution for all media related services. We provide integrated package of  media services which are designed to meet your objective. Currently, we are only agency to provide services at international standard  > More